Hi I’m Anya! The reason I enjoy my job so much and why I work at RITUAL is because I love knowing that I’ve made someone feel better about themselves that day.

I take pride in the fact that our clients come back to us time and time again because they appreciate the job we do for them. They are fiercely loyal which is so valuable to us.

The team we have really makes us. Having a laugh over a coffee when we have a spare five minutes in the day or helping each other out with the never-ending laundry are the little things that make me love what I do.

We’re always there for each other if we need anything. Knowing how to work together well to make the day go as smoothly as possible really makes us a dream team!

I think these things are also what sets us apart as a beauty salon. The relationship we have with our clients and the way we work as a team is always professional but never serious. Keeping things friendly and light-hearted is very important to us and I believe is what makes our salon such a special place to work every day.