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ESPA Facials At RITUAL Skin & Beauty Clinics In Alton & Alresford

ESPA combines traditional holistic therapies with modern-day techniques and the purest natural ingredients to create truly unique treatments that deliver beautiful skin and a renewed sense of inner calm. 

Each ESPA facial will begin with a personal consultation and skin analysis so your experience can be entirely tailored to your skincare needs and problems from problem or sensitive skin to dry or ageing skin.  

Using 99-100% natural ingredients, ESPA’s philosophy is around caring for your whole well-being, focusing on creating naturally effective skincare products that deliver results you can see and feel. The products used have luxurious textures and sensorial mood-enhancing aromatics, while also protecting the long-term health and beauty of the skin.

If you aren’t sure which facial to choose, allow our therapists to tailor-make one for you.

skin consultations at RITUAL Spas in Alton and AlresfordIn-Depth Skin Consultations

Did you know? We offer skin consultations using our skin vision lamp for just £15, which is redeemable against our medical skincare products.  

We can discuss your beauty goals, take a good look deep into your skin, and work with you on achieving your skin goals by recommending the best treatments for your skin needs.

We want you to feel educated and empowered, feeling great about yourself and confident in your skin. Book a skin consultation by calling Alton on 01420 541 888 or Alresford on 01962 736 888.

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ESPA Age Defyer Facial

A luxurious and regenerating facial designed for maturing skin.

It works to help minimise lines and wrinkles around the eyes, neck, lips and jawline to help combat the signs of ageing.

This treatment visibly improves the appearance of the skin by using special age-defying massage techniques.

The treatment also incorporates a selection of age-defying products to replenish and revitalise the skin.

Your complexion will be left toned, radiant and rejuvenated.

Age Defyer Facial| 6o min | £75 | BOOK ALTON | BOOK ALRESFORD

ESPA Skin Radiance Facial

The ESPA Skin Radiance Facial is designed to revitalise the skin.  

It works to help refresh tired skin, giving a noticeably brighter and naturally radiant appearance.

The facial involves a special application of ESPA Skin Radiance Moisturiser which is rich in natural AHAs and BHAs from Hawaiin Algae and Meadowsweet.

The treatment works to help smooth and reduce irregular pigmentation while brightening the skin to deliver instant results.

Skin Radiance Facial | 50 min | £50 | BOOK ALTON | BOOK ALRESFORD 

facials at ritual skin clinics in alton and alresford
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ESPA Re-Hydrator Facial

The ESPA Re-Hydrator Facial is an intensive and regenerating facial that is ideal for dehydrated skin, leaving it supple and nourished. 

We will start by gently cleansing the skin, followed by exfoliation to help the absorption of the natural hydrating ESPA products.  

Replenishing oils and a deeply moisturising mask will also be applied to moisturise and soothe the complexion.

The end result will be skin that feels wonderfully hydrated, smooth, soft and rejuvenated.

Re-Hydrator Facial | 50 min | £50 | BOOK ALTON | BOOK ALRESFORD

ESPA De-Sensitiser Facial

A comforting facial for sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation, the ESPA De-Sensitiser Facial will leave your skin feeling calmed and nourished.

We will apply high quality pure products containing de-sensitising natural plant extracts and calming aromatherapy oils such as Chamomile and Benzoin. These products work to gently cleanse, nourish and hydrate fragile skin.

This soothing facial will help to reduce skin sensitivity, leaving skin calmed, nourished and comfortable.

De-Sensitiser Facial | 50 min | £50 | BOOK ALTON | BOOK ALRESFORD

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facials at RITUAL Clinic in Alton and Alresford

ESPA Skin Purifying Facial

This facial is ideal for men and women with oily, congested and problematic skin, or those suffering with hormonal imbalance.

This deep cleansing facial helps to regulate oil secretions and refine open pores using pure products including Essential Tea Tree and White Thyme oils which are naturally decongesting and anti-inflammatory.

They work to soothe and calm the skin, encouraging a more balanced and clearer complexion.

Skin Purifying Facial | 50 min | £50 | BOOK ALTON | BOOK ALRESFORD

ESPA Express Facial

If you're in a hurry, no need to worry!  We can transform your skin with a quick pick-me-up facial at RITUAL Skin Clinics in Alton or Alresford.

The ESPA Express Facial is ideal for those who are short of time but would like their skin to look and feel its best.  Perfect to have during your lunch break or after work!

If you have a big event coming up but not much time available for a facial, think again!

The ESPA Express Facial will give you that gorgeous glow so that you can feel fantastic for whatever event you're attending - or just so you feel good in your own skin.

ESPA Express Facial | 35 min | £45 | BOOK ALTON | BOOK ALRESFORD

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steam room in Alresford at RITUAL Spa

Come & Enjoy Our Steam Room*

For the ultimate pamper session, come and enjoy our relaxing steam room which is fragranced with ESPA essential oils before any facial or body treatment.

The steam helps to relax stiff joints and muscles, increases blood flow, reduces stress and also helps to improve the complexion. Steam is particularly helpful for acne-prone skin as it balances oil production.  

Our steam room includes a shower stocked with luxury ESPA products so you can leave feeling relaxed and revitalised. 

Please note:  Our Steam Room is only available in our Alresford clinic.

Steam Room | 30 min | £30 | BOOK HERE