What Is Microneedling?

microneedling treatments in Alton and AlresfordMicroneedling is an aesthetic skincare treatment that can be used on the face, or parts of the body, and the benefits are substantial.

Effectively, microneedling creates micro-trauma to the skin which stimulates your body’s fibroblasts to produce collagen to heal and repair the skin. The “side effect” of this is:

– Skin rejuvenation & anti-aging
– Improvement in scaring including acne scaring
– Brightening of the skin
– Firms, lifts and tightens
– Improves stretch marks
We also create tiny channels into the skin allowing up to 80% more product absorption so we pump the skin full of collagen inducing ingredients, Hyaluronic acid and a gorgeous sheet mask to help calm and soothe.

Does it hurt? Well, yes it does. But it’s not excruciating, it is very bearable and our therapists are trained in techniques to minimise discomfort.

Will I bleed?  Some minor pinpoint bleeding is normal, but you will not be bleeding as such. Some of the images of microneedling can be quite off putting, this is due to improper training and techniques.  Our therapists have the highest level of training, and we invest in the very best certified equipment too.

Will I look awful afterward?  You will have some slight redness on the skin immediately afterward, but this calms down very quickly.  By the next day your skin will be looking fresh, hydrated and glowing!

So to strengthen the elasticity and firmness of your skin, improve your skin’s texture and help maintain a youthful appearance, Microneedling might be for you!