What Is Medical Grade Skincare?

Do you have a picture in your mind of what your perfect skin looks like? Are you spending a lot of money on skincare but not seeing the results you expect? Perhaps you’re using high street brands that you recognise from clever advertising techniques?

Are you ready for a transformational skincare journey?  Then you are ready for AlumierMD.

Alumier medical grade skincare, that can only be prescribed by trained, experienced and expert therapists (that’s us!) that deliver instant and long term, dramatic results and can reverse (yes, reverse!) the signs of aging.

The active ingredients in these products penetrate down to the dermal juncture (DEJ), the place where your new skin cells are “born”.

By penetrating to this layer, our actives can actually change the formation of your new skin cells. Yes change, and therefore reverse signs of aging!

Have you noticed my skin recently? I’ve always suffered with acne rosacea, a frustrating and incurable skin condition. My skin has been irritated, reactive, itchy, red, bumpy for many years.

Take a look at my skin the next time you see me. The change has been dramatic! My skin is clear and much less red, it feels hydrated and youthful, I rarely now get flare ups and I feel confident in the skin I am in.

Want to get in on this medical grade skincare? Then you need a consultation with one of our Skincare Specialists (senior therapists only, with many years of experience behind us).