What Is A Brazilian Wax?

With holiday season upon us you might be thinking about getting a wax ready for relaxing on the beach or swimming in the sea. But which one to choose?

Struggling to work out your Brazilian from your Hollywood? Then here’s a little guide for you…

brazilian wax v hollywood wax at RITUAL Beauty Salons in Hampshire

Our Standard Bikini wax removes all hair up to your under ware line, including any stragglers that may be lingering on the cheeks of your buttocks or poking out of the top of your knicker line.

Our Extended Bikini is like our standard, but slightly further in and lower down. You will leave your own under ware on throughout, we will just adjust it slightly if we need to.

Now for the Brazilian. 

This is probably our most popular wax. We remove all hair from underneath and behind, so including any strands along the labia, perineum and anus, leaving either a landing strip or triangle of hair whichever is your preference.

Finally, the Hollywood, all hair removed!

All of our therapists are exceptionally trained to protect your dignity. We have disposable under ware available, and will also provide a small towel for your to cover up allowing us to expose only the areas we are working on at the time.

If you have been shaving then we’ll need a good 2-3 weeks worth of growth in order to get a good wax. The shortest hair needs to be at least 2.5mm long.  

At your waxing appointment, your therapist will advise you on when to come in for your next treatment to get the best out of your wax, but a good guide is between 4-6 weeks.