Treatments For Ageing Skin

Skin ageing is a natural part of life. It’s the result of biological changes in our skin, extending right down to our muscles and bones. We gradually produce less and less collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid leading to fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and an uneven skin tone that can look like this:

ageing skin treatments in alton and alresfordInterestingly the skin around the eye area is up to 40% thinner than the rest of the face. This means it will show the signs of ageing more quickly and much more predominantly.

eye treatments at RITUAL Beauty Salons in HampshireAgeing of the skin can be classified into two categories: intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic ageing is known as natural or chronological aging. It starts earlier than you might think, early 20s. This type of ageing is inevitable and is also determined by our genetics.

Here’s the interesting bit… The second category, Extrinsic ageing, accounts for 90% of skin ageing!  And guess what?

This ageing is not inevitable at all! In fact, it is largely controllable. I’ve got you interested now haven’t I?!

Let’s go back a little. Take a look at this image of youthful, healthy strong skin. We can see a full and strong epidermis with strong collagen and elastin fibres. When I look at this image I think of plump, juicy, fresh, vibrant and youthful skin.

Youthful skin tips at RITUAL Beauty Salons HampshireIn this next image we can see compromised collagen and elastin fibres, fewer fibroblasts (they make collagen) and a thinner epidermis.

Can you see those bumps on the surface of the skin? Those are wrinkles.

Other changes on the skin include dehydration, discoloration, a lack of suppleness and fullness, dull tone, rough texture, fine lines and a loss of elasticity (snap-back when skin is pulled). We all know these signs!

ageing skin treatments in Hampshire
Remembering that 90% of ageing is extrinsic, so due to external factors that are controllable, does that mean that 90% of ageing is actually preventable?

Well potentially, and let me tell you how.

Photoageing is the major cause ageing and is caused by sun damage. RITUAL Recommends Zinc Oxide to protect against UVA & UVB every single day. Yes even cloudy, rainy even snowy days.

Pollution and environmental stressors cause ageing, but these can be avoided by good antioxident protection. RITUAL Recommends L’ascorbic Acid, but not off-the-shelf Vitamin C. A highly active ingredient that you mix at home, increasing efficacy and reducing oxidisation, which renders this ingredient ineffective.

Lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol consumption, insufficient sleep and stress all contribute to skin ageing. We only get one shot, let’s enjoy our precious lives but we know eating well, keeping active and practicing good sleep hygiene and self-care is an all round win. RITUAL Recommends loving life with the occasional massage thrown in.

There is one more “pillar” holding up our vibrant and youthful skin, and that is Retinol. It’s a subject so vast and an ingredient so important that it warrants an blog of it’s own. You can find that by clicking here – Should I Use Retinol?

As always my aim is to empower and educate so please do let me know your thoughts. Our RITUAL Skin Specialists are always on hand to offer Skin Consultations, information and advice so if you want to know more, simply ask us!