Top Tips For A Spray Tan

how to get a great spray tan

Summer is just around the corner and you might be thinking of getting those summer dresses out, enjoying bank holiday BBQs and leisurely evenings with friends as the days grow longer.

And getting a spray tan as the calendar starts to fill up, means you can feel confident and ready to go at a moment's notice. The right planning will make sure that you get the most out of your spray tan with us to enjoy your flawless glow for longer.

And it’s all in the prep!

Ensure all hair removal is completed at least 24 hours prior to your spray. Shower and exfoliate the day of your appointment, avoiding any oily products. Also avoid make up, moisturiser and deodorant before your spray.

At your appointment, your therapist will guide you every step of the way.

We will discuss the colour you’d like to achieve, from a light glow up to a darker tone and everything in between is achievable. 

Please arrive at your appointment wearing loose, dark clothing and nothing that you don’t want to get stained.

Finally, aftercare. Your tan will take between 5 – 8 hours to develop, but most people go ahead and sleep with their tan on and shower in the morning. Remember to put down old towels and save your lovely bed sheets from an unwanted colour change!

Stay dry until you want to wash your tan off, which includes avoiding vigorous exercise that might cause sweating, and the steam from a hot cup of coffee on your face too.

Moisturise twice a day with a non-oil-based product to get longer-lasting results and a more even-looking finish.

Other top tips. 

Spray tan results do vary depending on your natural skin tone. The idea is to develop on your own natural colour so someone with very pale skin won’t be the same colour as someone with a more olive skin tone.

The healthier your skin, the better your tanning results so get drinking and rehydrate from the inside out.

Hormonal changes will affect your spray tan. Surprising I know, but worth taking note of.

The idea is for the tan to look as natural as possible, as if you’d not had a treatment at all, that sun-kissed is how you stepped out of bed looking!