The Science Behind Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal At RITUAL Skin & Beauty Clinics In Hampshire

You’d have to have been in hibernation not to know that we have launched Laser Hair Removal here at RITUAL. We've gone on about it enough, haven't we? We do admit, we have been rather excited about it...

A top of the range, fancy machine, incredible training with the sought after and renowned Vivvy Chan, let alone the incredible results we’re seeing!

But our excitement might not be enough for you, and we get that. So, “here comes the science bit”.

The Science Behind Laser Hair Removal

We have a SmartDiode laser machine which does two things. It emits light (at an incredibly powerful and efficient rate) and it cools (ensuring a more comfortable treatment for you).

The light gets attracted to the melanin in the hair, the colour in the bulb of the follicle. And is drawn down the shaft of the hair, down to the dermal papillae. The light meets the melanin creating heat which zaps the dermal papillae, stopping it providing nourishment to the hair follicle. Without this, the hair cannot grow – Yay!

For this process to work smoothly, we need to zap those hairs at the correct stage of grown (Anagen if you like to know the names), and at any one time we’re looking at around 30% of hairs being in this growth stage. So, you can look at saying goodbye to 30% of your hairs in the very first session!

After that we need a course of treatments, to effectively zap the remaining hairs at this special Anagen stage of hair growth.

Now I know what your thinking… Light leading to heat, ouch, that’s going to hurt isn’t it?

Well, here comes the cooling effect of the smart diode. The handpiece that emits the light, is cold. Really cold. It counters the heat giving you the best chance for a comfortable treatment. Clever, huh?

Laser Hair Removal Treatments at RITUAL Skin & Beauty Clinic in Hampshire
Laser Hair Removal at RITUAL Skin & Beauty Clinic in Hampshire
Laser Hair Removal Services at RITUAL Skin & Beauty Clinic in Hampshire

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