All About Collagen Supplements

collagen shots at ritual beauty salons in hampshireCollagen is important because it provides the structure to our skin, it’s the “scaffolding” that keeps our skin looking plump and bouncy, firm and structured.

Sadly, collagen production dramatically decreases as we age and this dramatic “fall off a cliff” reduction in collagen production can leave you looking in the mirror thinking how, when, and why did that happen?

So, what can we do to encourage, stimulate and add to your natural collagen production?

Collagen Shots: Perhaps not quite as fun as the flaming variety served at that dodgy bar in Majorca, but much more beneficial to joint health, bone density, nail & hair strength, and to stop dramatic skin aging in its tracks.

Effectively these shots supplement your skin’s collagen levels and hydration in an easy to prepare, easy to drink formula that you can enjoy once a day.

Packed full of peptide-rich amino acids with hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidents and a range of vitamins and minerals clinically proven to improve the tone and texture of the skin, Rejuvenate have the highest levels of natural marine collagen to stimulate fibroblasts, which increase our natural collagen production and structural integrity of the skin.

Effectively rejuvenate with collagen shots:

– Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles (yes please!)
– Increase firmness (reduce “sagging”)
– Improve elasticity of the skin (that plump, bouncy feel)
– Reduce skin dryness (hydration, hydration, hydration!)
– Increase skin smoothness (Instagramable texture)

We’ve carried out all the research, chosen a brand that has the highest level of hydrolysed collagen (10,000mg per serving if you’re interested), the lowest molecular weight (so it can be easily absorbed) and highest bioavailability (so it’s able to reach target sites in the body) so you don’t have to!

So for firmer, stronger, more youthful looking skin that will leave you feeling confident, self-assured and positive order your collagen shots by emailing me at