How To Make Life Changes

how to make life changes 2In my last blog I talked about New Year Resolutions and my 180 turnaround on them. Today I wanted to share a little hack that I am using to try and keep mine. It’s small but consistent effort.  The power of continuous action taken EVERY day. What does this mean in real life though? It means really thinking about the changes that are going to help you achieve your goals and taking an action each day to achieve them. Whether it’s read a chapter of your book each day, do a sit-up or workout routine every morning, write in your gratitude journal at the end of each day, do some breath work before you go to bed. It’ll be different for everyone. But the important bit is doing something every day.  No matter how small.  Consistent daily action. And if I manage, say a 1% improvement in my fitness every day, then by the end of the year I will be 37 times fitter than at the start of the year!