Hair Removal Old Wives’ Tales

Hair Removal True Or False At RITUAL Clinics In Hampshire

Ever heard that old wives tale of “don’t pluck that pesky hair, another seven will grow in it’s place!”? Well surprisingly, it turns out there was quite a bit of truth to it after all.

Feeling puzzled? Let’s roll it back a bit…

Plucking Hair at RITUAL Skin Beauty Clinics in Hampshire

The Truth About Plucking Your Hair

So, we have 5 million follicles all over our body - yes, seriously! But, at any one time, 2 million of them are actually active. This means they are actively growing hairs. The remaining 3 million are what we call dormant.

Until…Well, you activate them!

And you can do this by plucking out unwanted hairs. So, when you tweezer those irritating chin hairs for example, as a cry for help, they send out hormones to the surrounding area. And those hormones, guess what they do? They wake up your dormant hair follicles, encouraging them to grow hairs again! Noooo!

That’s why you can get little clusters of hairs growing, enjoying a little hairy hormone party on your chin, great...

So, in summary, listen to the old wives tales and don’t pluck. Instead, cut. And then book in for a consultation with us as it might be that electrolysis or laser hair removal might be the best way forward for permanent hair removal and reduction for you.

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