Glimmers To Make You Smile

Glimmers At Ritual Beauty Salon In Hampshire

We heard a new concept this week, and wanted to share it with you. It’s called Glimmers. Have you ever heard of it? We hadn’t until this week.

Glimmers are the opposite of “Triggers”. Those things that happen that set your teeth on edge, cause stress or anxiety.

Glimmers are those little things in day to day life that make you feel good! That give you that little rush of endorphins. That brighten your day. And the thing is they don’t have to be big things.

We’re not talking about a holiday or a fancy meal out. We’re talking about the smell of a perfect hot cup of coffee, fresh linen on your bed stretching your toes to the far corners of your mattress and enjoying the soft comfort of clean sheets.

The little things. They matter. And taking the time to notice and appreciate those magical moments can have a big impact on our mental health and well-being.


Here are a list of our Glimmers this week:

  • Seeing a vibrant rainbow that stretched the whole way across the road on the way home from picking the children up from school.
  • My toast popping out of the toaster at the perfect, and I mean perfect, level of toastiness.
  • The rumbling purr of my cat, Cassie, as he snuggled onto my chest poking my nose with his.
  • Hearing a room full of children belly laughing during a sleepover for my son’s birthday (I have no what was so funny, but it was joyous to listen to).
  • I washed and tumble dried my favourite blanket and took it out of the dryer when it was still warm to snuggle on the sofa with it. It was warm, soft and fluffy, and smelt fresh and clean.
  • My dog, Roman, being so happy to see us on a normal Wednesday afternoon that his tail wag turned into an whole body wiggle. I can’t explain it. but it was very funny!

Why not see if you can notice some Glimmers over your weekend?