Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal At RITUAL Skin & Beauty Clinic In Hampshire

Are you tired of the never ending cycle of shaving or dealing with unwanted hair growth? Are you fed up of not being able to wear skirts whenever you want to because events don’t exactly line up with your waxing schedule? Perhaps ingrown hairs are the bane of your life and you’ve simply had enough! How about we “Say Goodbye” to unwanted hair all together?

RITUAL are proud to launch our brand new Laser Hair Removal treatment! We’re using the latest in cutting edge laser technology to provide safe, effective and long-lasting solutions for hair removal, so that you can say goodbye to razors, waxing and tweezering, for good.

Laser Hair Removal Transformations

Being dark haired, can be a struggle with hair growing in places you really don’t want it to, and not being able to hide it! Whether that’s your bikini line when the children want you to take them swimming, legs when the sun comes out and you're fancy wearing a dress, or those pesky chin hairs that seem to come from nowhere!

But our NEW treatment Laser Hair Removal can change all of that.

Check out these before and after images of clients who have given us express permission to use their photos

The first image on the left shows one week of hair growth. You can see the skin is also irritated, probably by constant touching, fiddling and previous plucking. The second image on the right, is after 6 laser hair removal treatments, and a whopping 4 weeks after the last treatment. There is hardly any re-growth, and just look at the thickness of hairs we were dealing with to start with.

Laser Hair Removal at RITUAL Skin Beauty Clinic in Hampshire

Here you can see an underarm. Again, hardly any re-growth after a 6 laser hair removal treatments. Pretty impressive for a woman who in her own words would get 5 o clock shadow on her underarms even if she shaved in the morning. How frustrating! But not anymore.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment at RITUAL Skin Beauty Clinic in Hampshire

Finally another before and after of chin hairs. Look how clear the skin looks after treatment. When we feel conscious of hairs on our face we can subconsciously fiddle, play with and touch the area. It can cause such irritation and almost draw attention to what’s going on.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments at RITUAL Skin Beauty Clinic in Hampshire

So, as you can see, Laser Hair Removal is incredibly effective, and can be used on all areas of the face and body. From top lips to bikini lines, legs to backs and chests!

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Whether you want to remove hair from your face, legs, bikini or any other body part, our pain-free hair removal system is the answer for you. So say goodbye to unwanted hair, and hello to smooth and hair free skin.

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