10 Steps to Feeling Happier & Healthier

10 steps to feeling happy and healthy at RITUAL Beauty Salons in Alton and Alresford

1 – The morning routine can be busy, hectic and stressful. Why not set your alarm just a few minutes earlier than usual and take a moment with your own thoughts to get set for the day.

2 – Talk Yourself Up with daily affirmations. These are positive, impactful and meaningful words and statements that help us think in a more positive way. Some of the ones we like at RITUAL are “I am full of love and joy”, “I am confident” and “My positive thoughts create positive actions”. Feel free to borrow ours whilst your come up with your own.

3 – Ditch the Caffeine. Yes really. Try it for a week and see how you feel, how much better you sleep! There are great alternatives available from herbal teas to fruit infusions. We love our homemade Lemon and Mint tea for a tasty Vitamin C injection and a great alternative for an energy boost.

4 – Breathe. Yes of course we doing this to stay alive, but we’re talking about deep breathing exercises, proven to strengthen lung function, stabalise blood pressure and lower stress. We enjoy the the 4-Square breathing technique and use this in our Mindful Massage treatment.

Breath In for the count of 4, Hold for the count of 4, Breathe Out for the count of 4, then repeat. It doesn’t have a to be a large portion of time out of your day, little and often works well with these types of exercises.

5 – Get Out and get some air. Being stuck working from home, behind a desk all day, inside with your head down can really take it’s toll. We need to feel the breeze through our hair, the sun on our face or sprinkle of rain on our skin.

6 – Stick It in the Diary. It can be easy for us to set great intentions for the day but then life gets in the way sending the whole plan off piste. Actually carving out time for self-care is the most valuable meeting you’ll have all day.

7 – Plan Your Meals. When the stomach rumbles, it’s easy to grab whatever is available and quick to eat. The problem is those snacks can often be unhealthy, high in salt and low in nutrition. Planning lunches and snacks in advance can help you make good choices that will boost your energy and help you feel fuller for longer to.

8 – Be Mindful. We’re all heard of this term (we go on about it enough at RITUAL we know!) but what does it actually mean? The essence of mindfulness is enjoying the here and now. Let go of thoughts of what happened yesterday, or what may happen tomorrow. Take a moment in your day to be fully present.

9 – Switch Off with no tech before bed. The blue light emitted from our devices causes havoc with our body’s ability to prepare for sleep. It stops our body producing melatonin, which is the hormone that makes us sleepy. Current guidance is to avoid blue light 2-3 hours before you go to bed!

10 – Write It Down. 92% of us feel stressed before we sleep. Keeping a notebook by the side of your bed allows you to jot down any bits and bobs you’ve not managed to complete today, ready for a new day tomorrow. Your brain will relax more knowing you have a plan to tackle those niggles once you have rested and reset.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little Feel Better Guide, why not comment below and send us your ideas too?