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Our September Beauty Tips

Our September Beauty Tips

This month we’re talking All About Eyes! Enhancing your natural lashes, adding definition to your brows and banishing tired eyes for good with some sleep & relaxation beauty advice.

We’re also delighted to announce our amazing monthly special offers are back!


Treat of the Month

Ellebana Lash Lift including Eyelash Tint

Eyebrow Tint & Eyebrow Shape

All for just £55* (Patch Test Required)

RITUAL Sleep & Relaxation Tips

Self-care isn’t just about having a treat now and again, but also small lifestyle changes that can make a big impact! Here are some RITUAL Tips that may help with sleep & relaxation.


LIGHTS OUT. That’s all lights, not just the conventional ones. Blue light stress is the name given to the way those little halos of light than emanate from computers, tablets and of course phones, can diminish sleep quality and even wake you up. For deeper, uninterrupted sleep try moving as many digital devices from the bedroom as you can.


BEAUTY SLEEP. Imagine a beauty treatment that could actually boost your immune system, revitalise cell renewal and rejuvenate your skin, while you just relax and dream a little dream… Then imagine it’s completely free. Well, that’s sleep in a nutshell!

Why not indulge in a relaxing candle lit bath before bedtime? The soporific oils of Lavender & Clary Sage at the heart of ESPA’s Soothing blend will help relax the senses to take advantage of natures most powerful beauty treatment. The Soothing blend is available as a Bath oil, Candle and Diffuser and is available in both our Alton & Alresford salons.


EAT TO SLEEP. It’s widely known that a heavy evening meal, eaten late, affects sleep quality. There are however some foods that will help your body relax and get the best possible night’s sleep. Magnesium rich foods in your evening meal such as dark leafy vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, pulses, seafood, avocado or dark chocolate (yay!) will act on your nervous system to help switch it from active mode to rest and digest.

Product of the Month – Revitalash

The eyelash serum for longer, stronger and healthier natural lashes. This award-winning serum strengthens and conditions for healthy, flexible and protected lashes that thrive.

Also available as an Eyebrow Serum for sparse or thinning brows.

Prices start at £89 and come with a 2-in-1 lash primer and mascara duo, eyelash curler and cosmetic bag whilst stocks last.

Shhh… Christmas appointments

Many of your have been very organised this year and are pre-booking your monthly appointments right up until December. If you would like the days/times of your choice with your favourite therapist why not book online now?

RITUAL Team Talk


We are delighted to announce the promotion of LAUREN to Salon Manager, Alresford! Lauren is an exceptional beauty therapist who has already been involved in training our apprentices and junior therapists. She is hard working, dedicated to excellent client care and a fun member of the team.

Many of you will have met these two lovely and talented therapists, but we’d like to formally introduce SASKIA and EMILY to Team RITUAL! They will both be predominantly working in the Alton salon full time, are Guinot & ESPA qualified, and look forward to pampering you all soon!

We’d also like to congratulate BECCA on becoming a Level 4 qualified Beauty Therapist. Becca used her time during lockdown very wisely, broadening her skills and beauty knowledge to better serve you all.

Finally, we are trying to build up our Google pages and getting fantastic reviews is a great way of doing this. If you have a few moments and have enjoyed your experience at RITUAL, we’d really appreciate you clicking the link below and leaving a 5 star review.

Alresford –

Alton –



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